w-w-w is an annual collection of people’s ideas and opinions manifesting in different genres, stages, materials/mediums, languages and forms. Wondering While Wondering is an open platform for unfiltered, uncensored visual discourse between “artists”, originating from various backgrounds, through their creative expression.
w-w-w speaks to all origins, genders, backgrounds, ages, shapes and forms of being, encouraging individuals into yanking on new roles and exploring new means, focusing on the therapeutic properties of expression rather than the commercial value of the artwork. And when we say “artists” we mean everyone ! Every issue has a theme and within this context we call our contributors to touch upon issues that they choose. We are always here to support their creative choices and processes, but never interfere. They always have total freedom in choosing their subject matter and the format or medium they want to manifest it through. This is not a competition and we are not judging people’s submissions. We only try to carefully curate their presentation. This is almost a take on an all-inclusive a-z encyclopedia about experiencing life on planet earth. 
This is an attempt to hack into our collective consciousness with clear unbiased intentions in order to update our system of thought to its latest, most peaceful, accepting and democratic version. Oh, and we’re based in Athens, yet published worldwide.